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  1. Cali-Chi
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Remix Colonel Loud California
Used for promotional means only.


(Verse 1)
It aint Cali but its like it on the Mag Mile
Top down, hair blowing like a rag doll
Its my city, Chi City, where da wind rule
Say what, you aint know, come again fool

I'm Bout to fly thru the friendly sky
All the way to the C.A.L.I. (Dig that)
I touch Down with my blue card, I aint Crippin but Im fuckin with some School Yards
I know the difference between a real a fake G, I can tell if they love or they hate me

Blowing loud, while some niggas talkin real low
A step ahead Diamond Z the real deal tho (Check it)

Pack a bowl, smoke a bowl, throw em in a choker hold
Roller it up, light it up, hit em wit a upper cut
Plastic cup, pour it up, sippin on some Vodka
Chi-Town O.G, fo sho he proper

(Hook) 4X's
Real niggas from da Chi-hustlin in da cold
Pocket full of stones that we turning into gold
Pocket full of Loud that we blowing to the clouds
Throwing up deuces to the hustlers in da houz...