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You Can Win feat Joshyboy & Voice Musiq

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Song written by Diamond Z. Instrumental produced and leased by Cronic Beats. Recorded-Mixed-Mastered by Gregory Benson at Incompatible Muzik Records.


You Can Win

Track by Cronic "On Some UGK shit"

Put yo hands up, then put yo chin down
This how you man up, You can win now

(Verse 1)
All of my challenges, be throwing off my balances
If I want outta this, I gotta use my common sense
I gotta have a plan 100 proof to prevent
Any problems with the purse, with dollar and the cents

Cause I, am the master born through disaster
Made it through them chapters, now happily ever after

Fist full of dollars, mean my knuckles full of blood
Mean I went full throttle, with these fucking upper cuts

1 right, 2 left, 3 you're getting both of them
4 you're getting off the floor, aint no getting over them

5 be that stomach blow, stirring up that vomach flow
Knock em down like dominos, revoirdeti vaminos

There'll never be a better me, never could there ever be
When I make a newer model, I'll be a retiree

Chillin like a villain, concealing the weapon
GB, still super producing the best song, (C'mon)

Put yo hands up, then put yo chin down
This how you man up, You can win now

(Verse 2)
We got that Volume up, windows down, holdin that traffic up
Bass drum, jungle muzik go back to Africa
I never been to Africa, even tho Im black as fuck
Living in the jungle tho, I know all about that stuff

Survival of the fittest, circumstances be the shittiest
Everything backwards, so whats Ugly is the prettiest

And DJ's be playing that same ole song
Had you in the same zone, til my shit came on

Now I think it, write it, rap it and record it on a track
Give it up, uncut-I aint holdin nothin back
Then I sign it, cash it, keep a little in my secret stash
When I see a rainy day, help me make the clouds pass

Cause I'm, like the sun shinning bright my folk
While we trying to stay afloat, trying to learn a different stroke

So they smoke it, drink it, snort it, shoot it, then they decide
Not to snort it, not to shoot it, thats the will to survive ( Ya dig)

Put yo hands up, then put yo chin down
This how you man up, You can win now