Latest single by Diamond Z released Friday March 13,2015..Track produced by and leased from Beats by Uzo.
Incompatible Muzik (c) 2015 (P) 2015


Smokin On Gabbana

Song written by Diamond Z
Track w/Chorus by Beats by Uzo
SummerTime w/Hook

(Verse 1)
Its for the truck with the rims, this track right here
95 bpm's, on this track right here
Its for the hotties, with the bodies, in the bathing suits
Sipping Absolute Vodka, & cranberry juice
Its for the homies in the hood holding down block
Make believers outta those who believe us not
Its for my everyday folks working 9 to 5
Like I'm, I'm, staying alive,

And praying that I, making it to the finish line
Me and the fam, and few good friends of mine

The real kind, that never wanna hurt you at all
Hard times, they be the first person you call
Very seldom,do they ever tell you nall
Thick and thin, friends from the window to the wall
If you slip, looking like your certain to fall
You'll find out, the reason that my circle is small (Real Talk)

(Chorus) by Uzo The Producer

(Verse 2)
Slap boxing in the hood, going toe to toe
Lil niggas like me , thats how we learn to throw
Its like everyday a big nigga blacked my eye
I learned to fight, betcha they cant do that now

(Bridge 1 )
They going down, down, baby down, down-from body blows
Clown beat down, from clown nose to bloody nose
I dont check niggas, my sound check you niggaroes
Diamond Z! What ? Im known for spittin wicked flows

right back, gimme that
hip hop, wicked track
Watch me kick a rap, make a nigga neck snap

Bob n and nod n , and welcome to party
Roll up a fat one, then roll up on a hottie

You can act naughty, but dont get out your body
Or you can get a thumpin and a punpkin on yo noggin
We gon keep it real, come and chill if you wanna
kick it like Dolce, we be smokin on Gabbana (Dig That)

(Chorus) By Beats by Uzo

(Verse 3)
From the middle of a blizzard, to the wizard of oz
They keep the best in the middle, now isnt it odd
You was down from the start, you give em your heart
Only to find at the end, they disregard

The whole part that you played, everything that you gave
Wanna take the good parts and throw em away
But if you hold on, keeping all yo clothes on
Even in the cold zone, guaranteed you stay warm (uhn)

(Bridge 1)
Done-cant be undone,coming from the dungeon
Dragon's and has beens, bragging bout their last win's
Now their having no fun, run Forest-run, run
Caskets and coffin's, cashed in their last wins

(Bridge 2)
But Im gon keep it cracking, humble as I pass thru
If I hollar Hachoo, the people hollar, "Bless You"
If you try to hurt me, the people, they wont let you
Bet it upset you, to find out I am special (Word)

(Chorus) by Uzo the Producer